The App

In 2013, Delta Airlines released an app to keep you up to date on all things Delta. Check out what happens once I log into the Delta app, through my frequent flyer number!


Upon logging into the Delta app, I am presented with my flyer status, SkyMiles number, and current amount of miles I have. The homepage of the app shows me how many miles I need or dollars to spend before reaching the next status level within Delta. This year I flew Delta to Cabo San Lucas and back so I currently have just over 4,000 miles for the year. I still need about 21,000 to reach Silver Status.Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.34.21 PM.png

From there on the Delta App I can do many things. For starters I can Book A Flight. This is super simple. All one has to do is enter their airport, desired destination, dates of travel and how many travelers. Because Delta wants it to be easy for customers to search, they have included booking flights on the bottom bar of the app.Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.38.14 PM.png

Once I enter my desired flight information, all my options come up. If you are someone who likes to fly first class all you have to do is scroll to the right to find upgraded seat prices. This makes is easy for people who are looking to spend different types of money on flights. On this page as well you can view the plane’s seats. It will show you which ones are taken and available. In my personal opinion, if all the aisle seats are taken, I’m not getting on that plane! As you will be able to see, the better quality seat you are looking for the higher the price will be.

The app also includes some other unique features. The first cool feature that I use frequently is you can track flights. So if you are a worried parent waiting to see if your kid lands for Spring Break in Mexico or picking up a friend from the airport, it is easy to keep tabs. Because the flights keep the towers informed on their location, these maps are usually pretty up to date. If you don’t know the exact flight number. Delta makes it easy by allowing you to enter the Departed Airport and the Arrival Airport showing all the options of flights. Delta also allows you to track your bags through the app. I can only imagine that your bag being lost on a flight is the worst experience ever. When you check your bag AND are linked to your frequent flyer number, Delta automatically updates this information on the app. If you are on the ground or running to a connecting flight, the airport will still scan your bags in at each new location. The final feature that I want to focus on is a huge convenience. Delta has uploaded maps of all the airports onto its app. I particularly like this feature because if I am in an airport I don’t know I can pull this up on my phone and look like I know what I am doing.


Sadly, I have no trips planed. The app is not afraid to tell me this either sadly. When you do have a trip coming up Delta is super excited for you. It will count down with you till it’s time to check in. This is another one of my favorite features of this app. When I fly, I mainly take carry on bags. The app allows me to check in from where ever and download my boarding pass onto my phone. This allows me to be speedy and efficient at the airport. With your boarding pass on your phone, one also is not struggling to juggle a million things when they arrive at security or the gate. Post check in, Delta will also give you the option to upgrade your seat, add bags, or trip extras.