In the Media

Twitter was launched in March of 2006. Unlike any social media, users could choose a user name and were limited to 140 characters per tweet. This allowed for messages to be short and sweet. Since Twitter took off, over 320 million people have joined the site. When it comes to traveling, many people have taken to Twitter as a form of communication with the airlines. Delta, has responded to this by creating a team that responds to peoples tweets and if they are having trouble. In the time that I was looking at examples on the website, maybe 10 minutes, there were fourteen new tweet responses. I’ve decided to capture a couple different examples of Delta Airline’s Twitter interactions.

All three examples are different. The first one (with the picture) features a husband and wife who experienced great customer service with Delta. They thanked them for the great service, and even cooler, Delta responded to them! The top right picture is an example of someone who is not too happy being stuck at the airport. Sometimes we don’t realize how hectic an airport can be. I think Delta did a great job of responding to this customer. Although everything appeared to be ready for takeoff, there was congestion at the airport. This led to them having a backup in take offs. Delta responding and letting the customer know I think it critical. The final example, is someone overall unhappy with their Delta experience. Although unhappy all Delta can do is apologize and hope to be better next time.

Why $10,000 bump vouchers will never happen… 

Ever been offered money to get on the next flight or reschedule? Well in recent  news with Delta it has been said that they may be willing to fork over up to ten grand! YES! I said TEN GRAND! Wow, that would book me a lot of flights. But it is likely no one will ever see one of these vouchers. Think about it, if the gate attendant announces they are offering that much to get on the next flight, you would have people running to the gate. More probably willing than a couple hundred dollars. Gate attendants are aloud to authorize a voucher for up to $2,000. After that they need a Red Coat, someone higher, to approve.

Delta’s Latest Mess

Ever wonder why you check the weather before flying? Probably because that is one of few factors that can influence if your flight gets in and out. Last week Delta had to cancel over 3,000 flights. (This disaster actually impacted many of my family members as they had tickets to the Masters is Augusta, Georgia and could not take off.) With Atlanta out of commission, many passengers wondered why they were not given the option to redirect to another close airport. With weather impacting flights, people have started to question why they do not have a better policy for when disasters like this happen.

Delta renovates the Skymiles Club in Newark and Minneapolis. Read more and see pictures, here.

Delta uses people’e journey to the airport and experience at the airport to advertise their services. Watch here.