Flashback in Time

In 1924, The Huff Daland Dusters crop-dusting operation was the first commercial agricultural flying company in existence. The formed the roots for Delta. Only four years later, C.E. Woolman led a movement to buy Huff Daland Dusters. He renamed it Delta Air Service for the Mississippi Delta region. The following year in 1929, Delta operated the first passenger flight. These were small planes that held five passengers and one pilot. In 1930, the brand renamed to Delta Air Corporation and began service to Atlanta.

After doing this for roughly four years, Delta received Air Mail Route 24 and began to operate as Delta Airlines. Once the war started in 1939, Delta introduced stewardesses on the planes and by 1941 headquarters was headed back to Georgia. Now located in Atlanta. In 1945 the official name becomes Delta Air Lines Inc. Company and is recognized by the National Safety Council. Delta is also the first airline to fly living vegetable plants.

Just a year later, Delta began regularly scheduled cargo service and was the first airline with non-stop service from Chicago to Miami. In 1947, Delta was recognized for its safety after transporting half a billion passengers without fatality. Now Delta has just under 650 seats available in its fleet.

From there on Delta has only continued to grow. In 2009, Delta celebrated 80 years of passenger service and expands into a trans-Atlanta joint venture with Air France-KLM. At this point Delta is the only US airline to serve six of seven continents. In 2009, Delta also completed its merger with Northwest and SkyMiles becomes the largest loyalty program with over 74 million members. In 2010, Delta announced an upgrade with plans to invest over $2 billion across the board.


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